Deliverable 4.2 – Report on valuation results is now available online!



Deliverable 4.2 aims at showing the initial results obtained from the demand-side and supply-side monetary valuation assessments of the public goods and bads (PGBs) provided by European agricultural and forestry systems (AFS) carried out within the PROVIDE Project.

A wide variety of methods have been used for both types of valuation assessments in 16 different case studies. These methods include stated preference methods (choice experiments and contingent valuation), multicriteria analysis (AHP/ANP), hedonic pricing, spatial analysis, etc.

The results clearly point out that there are important social benefits stemmed from the PGBs provided by European AFS (i.e. demand-side) and that these systems provide them at some costs (i.e. supply-side), with higher costs for higher improvements in the provision of these goods.

The deliverable also discusses results from the perspective of the analysts (especially on method use) and policy-makers

3° Workshop of the EU‐Stakeholder Platform (EU‐SP) of PROVIDE



The Third Workshop of the EU‐Stakeholder Platform (EU‐SP) of the PROVIDE Project held in Bruxelles brought together researchers, policy makers and experts working on public goods and ecosystem services to validate the results of the monetary valuation of Public Goods performed in several EU countries by the PROVIDE partners from a policy perspective at EU level.

The stakeholders were also asked to discuss new governance strategies accounting for combinations of different policy mechanisms, results of the economic valuations of PGs and outcomes of the local stakeholder workshops held in the PROVIDE Case Study Regions.

Finally stakeholder’s views about information tools (i.e. concept, format, content and functions) to be generate within the framework of the PROVIDE project were explored during the workshop.


4° PROVIDE Meeting in Munchenberg


4meeetinggerman csr

All of the PROVIDE partners gathered in Müncheberg, Germany on 30 January – 1 February 2017 for the fourth project meeting, hosted by the ZALF Institute  (

During this mid-project meeting the PROVIDE partners presented the results of the valuation exercise and discussed their usability and robustness. The outcomes of these activities will be continuously fed into the WP5 (policy mechanisms design and valuation) and WP6 conceptual framework and toolbox.

Additional objectives of the meeting were the launch of the next tasks of WP4 (understanding of determinants of values and transferability) and the analysis of the usability and implications of valuation results for WP5. Finally PROVIDE partners designed the precise planning of the next step of the project.

During the meeting a field trip was organised to visit the German Case Study Region in Märkische Schweiz.