Up-to-date Policy brief document online


The latest update of the Policy Brief (2018) document has been published and released on the website in the dedicated section. The document describes the aims, the objectives and the intended outcomes of the PROVIDE project, with all the latest update after the project ending.



The PROVIDE Final Conference in Finland was held in August, 24th at the Kuusamo Hall. Results from the Ruka-Kuusamo regional case study were presented to the audience and discussed together with the stakeholders.

Finnish final Provide seminar Ruka_Kuusamo Picture1 24082018

Italian final PROVIDE seminar


The PROVIDE Final Conference in Italy was held in July, 11th at the Region Emilia-Romagna.

The overall project results and the most relevant policy implications from PROVIDE were presented by Davide Viaggi to the several stakeholders and interested practitioners who attended the meeting. Details on the Public Goods valuation results and relevant insights from governance mechanisms, both related to the hot spots identified by the project in Emilia-Romagna, were presented by Meri Raggi and Matteo Zavalloni, respectively.

The audience attending the meeting was also acknowledged about the regional agri-environmental measures of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) between past, present and future policy instruments, with a special focus on the new green architecture of the future CAP, both hot topics discussed by the invited CREA partners.

Finally, speakers from CREA introduced an overview of the agri-environmental measures adopted at the national level, leading, after the presentation of the UNISECO and LIFT projects, the audience to discuss and debate in a long session of questions and answers.