Czech final PROVIDE seminar


The 26th of June, in Prague, the Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences hosted the final seminar of the Czech PROVIDE partner. The objective of the National workshop was to present project results and illustrate and discuss their application in the design of the national implementation of the new CAP.

Decentralised governance of the provision of PGs from agriculture and forestry means considering local (or at least transferred to the local level) demand and supply (or motivation for the PGs provision). Therefore, case studies intentionally investigated the situation of the face to face contacts between suppliers of PGs and actors demanding them. The Czech case studies focus on alternative GMs in which private and semi-private (non-governmental) initiatives play crucial roles. These initiatives, however, use the current support programmes (AEM), the land consolidation measures and the support to rural tourism from the RDP or measures of the Operational Programme “Environment”.

The workshop discussed pros and cons of the non-governmental initiatives; if they can become an important coordinators and facilitators of the provision of PGs and ESS (or if they role is rather complementary) and if they are sufficiently viable and sustainable (gradually financially independent using various ways of funding).