Deliverable 4.4 on-line now !


Deliverable 4.4 – “Report on public goods valuation guidelines” is online (and you can download it) on this website.

This report summarises the main lessons learned from the tasks addressed within Work Package 4 (WP4) “Improved valuation of public goods”, reling on the results obtained throughout WP4. The report has a two-fold objective. Firstly, to outline the main results obtained from the demand-side and supply-side valuation assessments carried out, underlining their key policy implications. Secondly, to provide guidelines for the valuation of the main public goods and bads (PGBs) supplied by agricultural and forestry systems (AFS) at the most adequate scale.

D.4.4 is organised as follows: Section 2 outlines basic concepts to contextualise the valuation of PGBs provided by AFS. Sections 3 and 4 focus on the valuation of benefits and costs of these PGBs respectively (corresponding to demand and supply-side valuation), providing general guidelines to carry out this type of assessments and main lessons learned with regards to the adoption of participatory approaches (with stakeholders) and the selected valuation methods. Section 5 focuses on the key policy messages which arise from the results obtained from the wide variety of valuation exercises carried out, while Section 6 concludes.