Deliverable 4.3 is now on-line !


Deliverable 4.3 shows results from the valuation assessments made within Work Package 4 (WP4) with a special focus on determinants of value (Task 4.4) and value transferability (Task 4.5) of benefits (demand‐side) and costs (supply‐side) of the public goods and bads (PGBs) provided by agricultural and forestry. The document also provides analysis of heterogeneity ofsuch benefits and costs.

It will feed the final Task 4.6 within WP4, which summarizes the main lessons obtained from addressing the previous tasks within this work package, and which will be embodied in the final WP4’s deliverable (Deliverable D4.4), as well as it will provide valuable information for WP5 tasks, especially with respect to factors and barriers for uptake governance mechanisms (GMs) to improve PGBs provision and transferability of results.

Twofold assessments have been carried out: first, on the demand side, focused on the benefits for the whole society derived from an enhanced provision of PGBs; second, on thesupply side (valuing an improved provision of PGBs), centered on the GMs and their implementation costs. With regards to the former, two types of assessments were made, one related to a common exercise focusing PGBs as EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) priorities, and the other consisting of case‐specific assessments at hotspot (HS) scale. Considering the latter, all the supply‐side assessments are HS‐specific.

The document is structured as following: in Section 2 the methodological approaches used for valuation assessments of determinants of value and value transferability are explained; Section 3 shows the results with regards to the former, distinguishing among the three types of assessments performed, while Section 4 does so for the latter. Section 5 discusses the results obtained and Section 6 concludes. Three annexes are also enclosed, the first two including partners’ reports for demand‐side and supply‐side valuation assessments, while the third one includes a pending report that could not be included in D4.2.